Your Content Goes Here Yes, we will still consider your application to study here at BAMDC for the January/February 2021 intake. We will be delivering our courses following a blended learning approach detailed above. A full list of courses that we offer in January/February is available here and You can apply here.
The term dates for this academic year remain the same.
We are aware that the situation with exams and assessment in some countries is currently unclear. Because of this, there may be students who do not receive the awards and qualifications that they were expecting. Rest assured, we are monitoring these developments carefully. Please do contact our admissions team on if you have any concerns or questions.
If you wish to study with us but would like to monitor the ongoing global health situation, you can of course delay accepting our offer until you are ready. You should be aware, however, that some courses fill up quickly and you will need to formally accept your offer and make your pre-payment of fees before you can apply for a visa. Our advice would be that you should not delay accepting your offer. If you have any questions or concerns, our admissions team are available to support you. Email:
Your Content Goes HereAs noted above, we recommend acting as soon as possible, but delaying an online interview is in theory possible. If you wish to do this then please email so we can add a note to your application.
You will still be required to make a deposit payment or submit a sponsor letter as outlined in your offer letter in order to receive a CAS. Normally we advise applicants to make a deposit payment from October onwards for our January/February intake to allow you to complete the CAS issuing process, which includes providing evidence of documentation to make your visa application. We recommend that you make the deposit payment as normal, but under the current circumstances, we appreciate that you may choose to delay paying your deposit. However, we still strongly advise you to begin the pre-CAS process of providing documentation should this be required to ensure that once you pay the deposit, you are in a position to make a visa application and obtain a visa as quickly as possible.


Your Content GoesOnce your deposit payment and/or evidence of sponsorship has been received, the admissions team will prepare your CAS. We will be issuing CAS for the January/February 2021 intake from November onwards. Here
January intake:
If you are intending to start your course online, the final date a CAS can be issued is Friday 18th December, if you wish to arrive in the UK to arrive for enrolment on the 4th January the CAS deadline will be the 5th December.

February intake:
If you are intending to start your course online, the final date a CAS can be issued is Monday 25th January, if you wish to arrive in the UK to arrive for enrolment on the 1st February the CAS deadline will be the 6th January.

The deadline to apply for January 2021 is the 14th December 2020.

The deadline to apply for February 2021 is the 18th December 2020.

If you are an international student on a Student visa and intend to start your studies virtually then you will need to inform the Student Immigration Compliance Team in Academic Registry. Further details about how to do this will be provided soon.

All students (new and returning) who will be engaging in on campus activities must read through the Individual Risk Assessment information and must inform the University if they identify as Extremely Vulnerable, Vulnerable or have a risk assessment score of four or above. You must inform the University by completing this form.

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